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Safety Compliance Alert is an online resource center and a fast-read newsletter that is dedicated to helping busy safety managers stay in compliance with OSHA and making sure all your employees go home safe.

Advice on solving real problems

Eliminate theory and get straight to real, practical solutions that are making a difference today. Find out what your peers are doing to improve safety and compliance at their companies and learn practical solutions that you can implement now.

Protect yourself from fines

Dozens of companies get fined for safety violations every day. Our "Who Got Fined and Why?" feature keeps you up to date on the latest so that you can avoid a similar fate. We do the research and provide you with actionable information you can use to stay compliant.

OSHA updates in plain-English

Easy-to-understand interpretations of ever-changing OSHA regulations found in one place, presented in plain English so you can easily find the impact that any changes will have on your job.

Stay out of trouble and free from mistakes

Legal conflicts and violations happen every day. Find the strategies you need to stay out of trouble and free from mistakes in the "Laws and Regs" section. You’ll improve decision-making skills to help protect yourself and your company with our popular "Sharpen Your Judgment" feature where a recent legal conflict is described and you get to judge the outcome.

Tools to keep workers safe

Find effective and engaging tools that teach, train, and test your workers on important safety topics like eye and hand protection, back safety, housekeeping, PPE and plenty more. Our "Training Tools" increase the effectiveness of your safety meetings and worker education by making sure that all workers understand and appreciate the importance of safety in the workplace.

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